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How To Build Content & Blog for Your Business Webinar


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October 27th 5:30 pm – 7:30 pm

NOTHING impacts the effectiveness of your website as much as your content! Without well-written, optimized content, you cannot be successful with SEO efforts long-term, and no one will return to your website which kills your traffic (and impacts your organic SEO!). Blogging is an easy way to build your content on your website, and it gives you a perfect forum to showcase your expertise. Blogging builds your organic SEO because search engines love new content! Blogging can also provide unlimited content for your social media posts, newsletters, email marketing, and other marketing content needs. This session will cover how to plan new content, developing an Editorial Calendar, parts of a blog, and the writing process. You DO NOT need to be a great writer to have great content – and we’ll show you how in this session.

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