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We Really Want to Help You Succeed!

Published: 02-15-2022
Author: Noelle Castle

We Really Want to Help You Succeed!

Over the last year or so, we have been working really hard to add resources, instructions, and educational or otherwise helpful information to the website. We have also been working to increase our email communications through newsletters. AND Milly has been making videos like the leading lady that she is for our YouTube channel. Most of this information is totally FREE.

Our goal is to help our clients.

At our staff retreat this past December, we discussed 2022 goals. We talked about why we are in business, and what we really love about our work (because we do love what we do!). While we had business growth goals, of course, we talked a lot about building up our resource base for clients and digital DIYers out there. Collectively, the Zebralove team has a lot of knowledge and experience. One of the things we all enjoy the most is helping people succeed with their business. We know digital marketing plays a HUGE roll in business success these days. We also recognize that figuring out the Internet is a full-time job. This is where we come in.

Our Mission

Help regular people understand the internet and marketing a little better.

As passionate as we are about our business – we are also passionate about yours! We know running a business is hard! Figuring out how to make your way online can feel impossible. We work very hard to make sure our resources are truly informative, hands-on guidance to help you actually do stuff.   

Here are some of the resources you can check out:


Our library of short videos offer explanation, advice and tips on many digital marketing and website topics. They are largely intended to answer some of the most common questions we get – about domain names, Google Reviews, and other website management topics. Check them out!

Webinars & Workshops

Milly and Noelle have been hosting workshops for a few years on digital marketing topics such as managing your website, SEO, and content development. Our focus is always on giving real how-to direction and information. We want participants to go away knowing how to do things they’ve been struggling with. These are for the digital DIYers out there. This is one of the areas that we do charge for because we are providing so much educational value. However, they are MUCH less expensive than others that deliver far less guidance.

Check out these hands-on learning workshops!


Milly, who happens to also be a talented potter, published an in-depth manual for artisans and crafters who want to sell their wares online. It is a hands-on tutorial that will walk you through the basics of setting up your online store, creating a website yourself, and how to market your products and get them in front of the right people on the Internet.

We are planning several new books and booklets on general business digital marketing how-to’s in 2022 – STAY TUNED!

Get the Guide to Marketing Art & Crafts Online


We like to update clients, colleagues and friends about what we are up to so you don’t miss a thing. BUT we only send a newsletter when we have something useful to share with you! Watch for our newsletter for the latest Blog post, video, new resources, and other important information from Zebralove Web Solutions.

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Hands-On Help

The pandemic lead more and more people to start their own businesses and they need digital marketing to do that. People already in business had to utilize the internet more than ever as in-person networking and sales efforts came to a screeching halt. All these folks had lots of questions about how to go about getting their business up and running online. Or how to make their online presence more effective. We want to help answer those questions.

We’ll be expanding the resources, how-to’s, and advice we have to share. Not because we want to make a bunch of money doing it, but because we want to help you.

What’s your burning digital marketing question or dilemma?

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Noelle Castle

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Noelle has been a marketing professional, and a published author and copywriter for over 20 years. Her work has been featured in both print publications and online media, where she has written on a broad range of topics. She owns Castle Media Co., assisting businesses with their marketing and digital media needs, specializing in website development, content marketing, social media, copywriting, and blogging.

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