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Would you benefit from one-on-one help with your online marketing questions?

Today's small businesses need to be good digital marketers to be noticed in the online arena. We are expected to be competent in a whole host of skills, including SEO and analytics, content marketing and copywriting, online sales, and digital media. Not to mention having technical skills for website design and development. Yikes!

The modern-day digital world is overwhelming, and unless you are able to invest thousands of dollars to hire people to help you, many small businesses are being left in the dust with outdated websites and social media that is not serving their business needs. Specialized training is a must if you want to DIY the online components of your business, but where can you find someone to help you with your specific needs?!

This is why we designed these Forums - to help business owners close their online marketing skills gap, learn how to remain relevant in a quickly changing marketplace, and get ongoing support in promoting their businesses online. Fuel your online marketing with these skill-building workshops and hands-on support sessions!


Costs: $50 per session
Pre-Registration Required

Save by registering for all 4 sessions for $160

If you add all 4 workshops to your cart, a 20% discount will be applied at checkout!

If you are involved in managing online marketing for your business and want to stay competitive and get your skills up to speed - these workshops are for YOU!

Each workshop includes a 2-hour presentation and discussion on a relevant online marketing topic, followed by 15 - 30 minutes or so of questions and demonstration to further illustrate learning topics based on participants' needs.

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