Uncomplicated Digital Marketing & Web Design

In today's market, having a mobile ready online presence is absolutely essential in order for a business of any sort to be competitive. Zebralove Web Solutions offers a range of affordable web design, digital marketing and management services to fit your business.

Our mission is to be a resource for small businesses and we pride ourselves on helping small businesses compete with bigger businesses at a fraction of the cost.

Web Design & Development

In 2024, Mobile optimization is not optional! Up to 80% of website searches are done on mobile phones. If your site isn't mobile ready/responsive you're missing out.


Maine Web Hosting

Zebralove Web Solutions offers completely managed website hosting so you can spend your time growing your business instead of managing your website. Our hosting includes FREE email, FREE SSL, offsite backups and fantastic support.


Maine SEO

What would more traffic mean to your business? Zebralove Web Solutions helps small businesses in Maine and the US get more traffic to their websites from search engines like Google, Bing & Yahoo.


Custom Website & Mobile App Development

Yes, we can code! Have a unique idea? We can build it from the ground up. We can also develop mobile apps for Google Play and iTunes!


Digital Marketing Services

Our objective is to create an ongoing, cohesive digital marketing strategy for your business that incorporates a content development strategy to optimize your SEO efforts.


We Have Website Packages For All Needs

Zebralove Web Solutions website development packages are perfect for businesses that have standard development and promotion needs


We Offer Marketing Packages For All Needs

Zebralove Web Solutions can help you make the most of your marketing and advertising investment with clear marketing objectives and priorities!



At Zebralove, sharing our knowledge and quest for continuous learning is at the core of our mission. We put our values into action by making as many resources as possible available (many for FREE!) on the website. Not just lip service or a sales pitch, we provide information, directions and instructions that actually tell you how to do something.

You see, we don’t get all weird about explaining things because we’re not insecure about what we do. We believe that if more people understand technical concepts, less people will fall victim to scams. If you can perform some of your own basic website care and feeding, you will be a better consumer in the market of hiring website and digital marketing professionals (back to that scamming thing again). If we can demystify topics that usually overwhelm and intimidate people, you can be a better decision maker in your business. The digital aspects of any business is critical to its success, and we want you to be successful!

Please take a look through our Resources area where you will find:

  • Videos that explain topics in detail.
  • Instructions for a variety of digital maintenance items such as emails, images, domains, and optimization techniques.
  • How-to Webinars on SEO, content development, and managing your website.
  • Articles and blogs on digital marketing, WordPress, web tech, and so much more!

We’re not just saying all this – we’re giving it to you in plain, simple language. Uncomplicated digital marketing and web design is what we do – and we want you to be able to do some of it too!


Our Mission


We strive to provide affordable online resources to small businesses, helping them to grow and thrive in this global economy that increasingly relies on the internet.

It is also one of our main focuses to promote the education of coding and the idea that coding can be creative and can be done by creative people.

Additionally we believe that it's essential for a more diverse population to be employed in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math) careers!

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