Content and Copywriting

Good content marketing:

We will work with you to determine an effective marketing and brand-messaging approach for your products and services with clear objectives that drive profit to your business.

Content plays a key role in your organic and on-page SEO. Good content is keyword driven, supporting your business' marketing objectives. You need more than to just have a website - you need visitors to your site to stay there, engage with your content, and make a purchasing decision.


The craft of putting words together in a way that inspires action is ultimate power! Copywriting is one of the most essential elements of effective marketing. You can have the most gorgeous design, flashiest trade show booth, largest advertising budget or the best idea in the world, but if you cannot put effective words to describing it and engaging your customer to pay attention to you - and take an action - it's all a waste of energy.

You need words = you need a professional copywriter!

Noelle Castle is our professional copywriter. She has been a published writer and author for more than 20 years, and built successful businesses of her own in Maine. She understands small business, and knows how to create brand messaging and quality content that engages a client's audience. Her enthusiasm for learning about your business, and the best way to communicate how you benefit your customers and outdo your competition makes her an invaluable resource. Her ability to adapt her writing style to match the "personality" of a business makes her unique, and allows us to offer copywriting services that truly enhance all our digital marketing services. Noelle owns Castle Media Co. and works in collaboration on Zebralove projects when content and copywriting are needed.

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