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Cool Maine Coffee Companies

Published: 01-10-2023
Author: Milly Welsh

When you think of great coffee, you may not think of the state of Maine, but think again! Here are a couple of coffee companies local to Maine who have seriously delicious coffee!

It's Been Smithed

It's Been Smithed is a Limington Maine Coffee Company that specializes in high-end, roasted to order coffee shipped right to your door. They use only the finest high grown Arabica beans from around the world. It's Been Smithed is exclusively online and you can order directly from their website:

It's Been Smithed has a variety of different flavors including Jamaican Me Crazy, Chocolate Peanut Butter, French Toast, Butterscotch Toffee and many more. They also offer both single origin coffee as well as blends.

When you order your favorite flavors, you'll have your choice of ground (coarse or drip), whole beans, and K-Cups. There is also a variety of sizes.

Burundi Star Coffee

If you are looking for a great local Maine coffee shop where you can sit down and enjoy your brew, we highly recommend Burundi Star Coffee on St. John's Street in Portland Maine. The owner, Jocelyne Kamikazi was born in Burundi and grew up on a coffee farm! She literally knows everything about the process of making coffee.

Burundi Star Coffee is all about sustainability. All of their coffee is sourced directly from Jocelyne's home country and using fair trade practices that help the farmers. Jocelyne is excited to Bring the bold, richly flavored coffee & delicious food of her childhood to the community of Maine.

A big part of their mission is to Empower women & girls who are not given the same opportunities as their male counterparts in Burundi regarding education and growth.

You can order online and pick up on their website:

They are definitely worth the trip if you are anywhere near Portland, Maine! We always stop in when we are in-town.

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