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Client Profile: Jonathan Priest Insurance

Published: 05-09-2024
Author: Milly Welsh

Client Profile: Jonathan Priest Insurance

Car, life and Business Insurance in Windham Maine

Jonathan Priest Insurance is a Farmer Insurance Agent with an agency based in Windham, Maine. With Farmers Insurance, Jonathan is able to fully cover you with every kind of insurance you can get from an agency. The only kind of insurance you can’t get from his agency is Health Insurance. Which means you can get auto (car & truck), business, home, recreational vehicle insurance, and life insurance.

Auto Insurance – Cover yourself and your vehicles in case of an accident, or an act of nature. There are more things to cover with auto insurance that can become huge hassles without it. Medical coverage for people in accidents you cause and don’t cause, and coverage for being hit by uninsured drivers can make a huge difference and are often situations that are out of your control.

Business Insurance – Protect your business and your assets by covering your business property from fire and other damage, workers compensation in case an employee is injured, protect yourself from theft and vandalism, and cover your liabilities. These issues can sideswipe your business and make it impossible to keep operating. With the right insurance you will be back to normal as soon as possible.

Recreational Vehicle Insurance – Recreational vehicles are a huge industry these days. They also vary greatly. Insuring a fun vehicle depends on the kind of recreational vehicle it is. With Jonathan Priest you can insure your Motorhome, Camper or Travel Trailer, ATV & Off Road, Motorcycle, & Boats and Watercraft.

Home Insurance – Protect your home and family with the right kind of home insurance. You can also insure property you own and lease or rent. Insure vacation homes, mobile & manufactured homes, and condos. This insurance can protect you from fire, flood, and other kinds of damage and much more.

Life Insurance – Life insurance is an important thing to have for yourself. If you were gone tomorrow, would your family be ok? Would they be able to afford the costs of burying you and a funeral? There are multiple types of life insurance you can get from Jonathan Priest. Term Life, Whole Life, and Universal Life Insurance are all available for you now.

Insure your life under one roof. Instead of having multiple agents with varying degrees of coverage, get the best coverage and not only make life easier but save money too. Check out Jonathan Priest’s Website to learn more and contact his agency.

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