Bethel Food Pantry

Zebralove Web Solutions is an amazing company. They cut through all the confusion of website design to reveal simple solutions and refreshing clarity. Their work helps you stand out with subtle distinction.

DB - Bethel Food Pantry

Portland Stage

We hit a time when revisiting how we accomplish higher goals became critical, and the website wasn't keeping up. Milly and team were able to get to the root of what was going on with our site, and ultimately it wasn't able to be saved. So Zebralove rebuilt it! It's simple to use and easy to navigate. It is built to keep up with new marketing strategies that drive traffic to the site which now guides them to the right information and the right steps to make a purchase. It's a seamless experience, and that was crucial. Milly and Lynne made it happen. They are wonderful to work with, and we'll be working with them for a long time.

Erin Elizabeth - Portland Stage

myEZ Car Care

Milly and her Team provide exceptional services. Whether it's websites, AI, SEO, marketing, IT programming and development, they get their hands around the project and bring it to reality. I highly recommend Milly if you're looking for quality, sincerity, honesty and roll up your sleeves, gettttrrrr done attitudes.

Ed Bourgeois - myEZ Car Care

Maine Homeless Veterans Alliance

So glad to have found zebra love ! They helped us at Maine Homeless Veterans Alliance and It Takes a Village 207 by building us an amazing website! They're so kind, professional, and very good at what they do ! Thanks guys !

Rebecca Jackson - Maine Homeless Veterans Alliance

Tint Maine

I hired Zebralove to do some search engine optimization because my website just wasn't coming up in searches. I have been surprised how much Milly's SEO work has helped me! She worked with me to determine my keywords, and I feel that I get very customized services with Zebralove. My search rankings for my key service areas have improved tremendously since I started working with her in 2020! I also really appreciate that Zebralove is very responsive when I have questions or need something updated. I can always talk to someone, and they help me quickly. I highly recommend their services!

JoAnne Christman - Tint Maine

President of ZMarketing

I recently utilized Zebralove Web Solutions to create two websites for my manufacturer's web site and another global business. Both web sites were from scratch and on a limited budget. I will recommend Milly Welsh to anyone considering utilizing her companies services and consultation.

I try not to oversell, but she is responsive to communicate with and execute with extreme timelines if necessary and if she has urgent commitments she will let you know when she can do a maintenance or update task in short time.

I always felt like I got Red Carpet treatment and even as a small business i will be happy to talk to you or do whatever I can to help her grow since she knows the business and does beautiful work according to what you are looking for.

Dave Zandan - President of ZMarketing

Priority Learning

We at Priority Learning love Zebralove Web Solutions! Milly Welsh, the owner, has designed a great professional looking website for us that is easy to navigate. Milly has also been instrumental in designing assessments and diagnostics that our clients can complete via the website. We love the look and our clients have given us very positive feedback about it. The cost of doing business with Milly is very reasonable and we love the work she does for us!! We highly recommend Milly of Zebralove Web Solutions!

Lorraine Twombly - Priority Learning

Southpaw Packing

Zebralove Web Solutions and Milly Welsh, the Owner has been an amazing asset to our business. She listened, TRULY LISTENED to our visions, ideas and even embraced our doodles to create a webpage exactly as we had envisioned. She showed great understanding for the imagery and concept we were hoping to capture. Milly continues to mentor, provide support and facilitate an informative webpage. We highly recommend Zebralove Web Solutions!

Nichole Sargent - Southpaw Packing

Bethel Food Pantry

Zebralove Web Solutions are amazing folks. They cut through all the complexity of web design and layout to deliver clarity and focus. They are empathetic listeners so they end up creating wonderfully understated work that reflected our culture perfectly. You can not go wrong with Zebralove Web Solutions.

Dave Bean - Bethel Food Pantry

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