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Web Hosting

Spend time growing your business NOT managing your website!

If you have a website, it needs to be hosted somewhere. Think of web hosting like an apartment building for websites. Zebralove Web Solutions offers affordable website hosting that's different from what you'llvget with GoDaddy or Network Solutions. We offer what we like to call "Managed Web hosting" which means that we will take care of everything from WordPress updates, lost passwords, help with email set up and much more.

If something goes wrong, we'll fix it for you, not just send you to a help document.

If your website get's hacked, don't worry...just give us a call!

Zebralove Web Solutions offers completely managed website hosting

That means we take care of everything for $30 per month

Here's what you'll get with your managed hosting account...

  • Free SSL ($70/year value)
  • unlimited email accounts
  • Free software updates on WordPress Joomla and Drupal CMS
  • unlimited bandwidth
  • hacking insurance
  • Offsite backups
You get all of that for just $30 per month!

What's with the name Zebralove?

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