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Our Policies

Web Hosting:

Web Hosting fees must be paid on-time. Web hosting fees that are not paid within 60 days may result in a disruption of service (suspension). If a website is suspended due to lack of payment, we may charge an activation fee of up to $45 to reinstate an account.

We need 30 days notice to cancel your web hosting. If you paid ahead, you may request a refund for the remaining months.

With your web hosting package you get 10 minutes of our time to complete updates you may have, each month. Here are some examples of tasks that take under 10 minutes, changing out a picture, making a small text change, or contact information etc. Anything more than 10 will be billed in 15 minute increments.

If you are a hosting client, we take care of all technical and security updates, and check to make sure everything continues working as it should. However, there is a limit to what we can be responsible for or check on our end. It is your responsibility as the owner of your website to periodically check it to make sure things are working as they should. This includes testing any contact forms, checking image galleries and calendar, etc.

Web Design & Development:

Once your website is completed and paid in full, your website belongs to YOU! We do not retain the rights to your website. You can request a copy of your website files at any time, just email

If we have finished the work requested for a website, but are waiting on information from the client to launch, we reserve the right to invoice and request payment in full for the remainder of the project.

Stock images purchased for your website are not included in the Proposal costs, and will be billed at a rate of $5 per image.

Important Note: Once your new website it up and running, Zebralove recommends that you do not forget about it! It is highly recommended that someone at your business checks the website periodically to ensure that everything is working properly and is up to date. The internet is always changing and platforms are always updating which means sometimes things can stop working properly. Particularly if you have subscription or contact forms, be sure to run a test regularly to check that the form is working properly and that submissions are getting through to the correct email account.

Digital Marketing:

Our Digital Marketing plans require a 6-month Agreement, and payment is required at the beginning of each month for that calendar month. We require a minimum of 30 days notice to cancel any search engine optimization or other digital marketing service.

Our Rates:

Our hourly rate is $80/hr during regular business hours, M-F 9AM - 5PM. We are always willing to help our customers, but if you require assistance after 5PM or on a weekend, we reserve the right to charge $100/hr.

Objectionable Content Policy

Zebralove Web Solutions maintains a zero tolerance policy regarding Objectional Content. Objectional Content may not be uploaded, displayed or posted to user accounts hosted by Zebralove Web Solutions, or websites and apps we develop. This includes, but is not limited to: sexually explicit materials; obscene, violent, slanderous, defamatory or unlawful content; hate speech, bullying or harassment; content that infringes upon the rights of any third party, including copyright, trademark, privacy, or other proprietary right, or that is deceptive or fraudulent; or that promotes the sale or use of illegal substances and activities.

Content will be moderated by Zebralove Web Solutions, and we retain the right to remove any or all content that we deem Objectionable. User accounts responsible for posting the Objectionable Content may be shut down or users blocked who post such content.

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