Maine Web Hosting

If you have a website, it needs to be hosted somewhere, why not host it with a local Maine company and get supported by people who live in your community? Zebralove Web Solutions offers affordable Maine website hosting that's very different from what you'll get with GoDaddy or Network Solutions. We offer what we call "Managed Web hosting" which means that we will take care of everything from WordPress updates, lost passwords, help with email set up and much more.

If you need help or something goes wrong, you can reach out to us by text, email or by filling out a support ticket and we'll address your issue right away!

We are NOT outsourcing our web hosting to India or another foreign country. Not that there is anything exactly wrong with doing so, but at Zebralove Web Solutions we put more value in providing jobs to people in our local community rather than sending the jobs overseas in order to leverage profits. When you need to talk to someone about your hosting, you'll be speaking to a person right in your community and we think that's kind of special.

If your website get's hacked, don't worry...just give us a call and we'll take care of it!

Our Maine Web Hosting packages start at just $35 per month. Click the link below to see all of your options...

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