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Outside the Box Marketing #2: Sponsor a Podcast

Published: 11-26-2016
Author: Milly Welsh

Outside the Box Marketing #2: Sponsor a Podcast

This is the second in our series of articles exploring the topic of outside the box marketing. This series is all about the next steps in marketing, when you're already doing all the obvious things to promote yourself or your business.

This week we will explore why you should sponsor a Podcast!

If you don't know, basically a podcast is a digital audio file. These audio files get distributed through iTunes or some other podcast software. For instance, Android phones, can utilize software like Stitcher. Podcasts have become a popular form of media due to their inclusion on iTunes and iPhones. Listeners can "subscribe" to a podcast they like and each new episode automatically gets downloaded through whatever podcast software they are using.

They are also popular because Podcasts are an on-demand form of radio! Episodes are available as soon as they get uploaded but users can listen at their convenience. If you are just joining an established podcast, you can binge listen just like you would a TV show available on Neflix or Hulu. The frequency depends on the Podcaster. Many put out a new episode once a week, others do bi-monthly or even once a day. Some podcasts have "seasons" so they only put out a limited number of related episodes each year.

OK, I got what a podcast is! Why would I want to sponsor one?

Podcasts have a Loyal Fan Base

People who subscribe to podcasts are not typically the occasional listener, they are fans! Fans of the podcast will trust the source and it will give your business an instant credibility with those listeners. Additionally, your business will be making it possible for the podcast to put out the content that the listener wants to hear. This makes your ad content more enjoyable to these listeners and increases the likelihood that they will engage with your business!

Find Your Tribe

Subject matter on a Podcast tends to be specific, which is great for marketing! Marketing these days is all about finding those perfect people who will love and rave about your goods or services. They are often referred to as your tribe. Advertising to your tribe gives you much better conversion rates than the general population and ideally you should find them where they are. A podcast can be a great method to target them! When you are doing target marketing, volume is less important so don't necessarily get hung up on the number of subscribers. The most important thing is the quality of the listener.

Sponsoring a Podcast can be affordable

Again, your best bet isn't to sponsor a crazy popular podcast with a variety of different kinds of listeners, you want to sponsor the podcast with an audience that specifically targets people who like the kinds of things you sell. These podcasts tend to be on niche topics and they will obviously have less listeners but that's OK! The big thing is the percentage of people who engage, which can be a lot higher on a podcast with a small but loyal fan base. The price of a sponsorship will vary. Some charge by episode while others charge a monthly fee. These smaller niche podcasts will cost less generally. There are many podcasts that have monthly fees in the $100 - $250/month range.

How do I Find a Podcast to Sponsor?

Your best bet is to start listening to some podcasts if you aren't already. Choose podcasts on subject matters that people in your "tribe" care about and go from there. As a small business owner, you tend to be in your own tribe so what appeals to you?

Once you have a podcast in mind, reach out to them. Most podcasts will have websites and often sponsorship levels are clearly stated there. If not, call or email to get that information.

At Zebralove Web Solutions we've started sponsoring a podcast this year! The podcast we sponsor is Women Taking the Lead, which is a podcast about women in leadership. For us, women entrepreneurs and aspiring women entrepreneurs tend to be a good source of business for us so it made a lot of sense. This is also a podcast that I listen to a lot and love, so sponsoring feels good on several levels!

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Milly Welsh

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