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A Simple Strategy to Improve Your SEO by 50%

Published: 11-08-2018
Author: Noelle Castle

A Simple Strategy to Improve Your SEO by 50%

Every month I complete Search Engine Optimization (SEO) reports for my clients, letting them know how their paid SEO efforts are doing. This includes reporting on their website traffic, their website rankings, keywords status, as well as social media accounts.

The most powerful way to improve traffic to your website is through organic search - people searching for something via a search engine such as Google, and coming across your business in that search before their attention span wanes. In other words, you need to show up on the first few pages.

Monthly SEO efforts involve a series of techniques to improve a website's search visibility and ranking in search results. It is also vital to keep up with Google's, and other major search engines', ever changing algorithms. Initially, focus is on creating a mobile-friendly website, optimizing content for keywords, optimizing title tags and meta tags, and creating backlinks for generating credibility in the marketplace which influence organic search recognition and ranking. Largely keyword driven, SEO is really all about messing around with search engine algorithms, because our goal is to get your website to rank higher in a search (what page you appear on when someone does a search by certain keywords. Because SEO efforts are so behind-the-scenes, it is widely misunderstood and often met with skepticism. It takes time to build momentum, adding to the apprehension.

According to Search Engine Journal, 80% of a website's traffic begins with a search query by someone just like you - that is why SEO efforts are so important!

Most businesses these days think some about SEO, and do some degree of content marketing. Content marketing is about your message - the words you use to inform and engage your audience. Your content must be valuable to your audience, and needs to change regularly in order to impact your SEO. Websites with consistently updated and expanded content get more attention paid to them by search engine bots, and therefore, improve their organic search rankings online. Content can come in a variety of forms including updating website navigation pages, blog posts and articles, social media posts and stories, infographics, videos and more. The goal of content, naturally, is to move a prospect through the marketing messages to sales funnels. Even if you do not formalize your sales funnels, your goal is still to transform an inquiry into a sale of some sort.

According to an Aberdeen Group study, conversion rates are nearly 6X higher for content marketing adopters than non-adopters - that is why it is such a critical part of your digital marketing strategy!

The missing link for many businesses is failing to consider how SEO efforts and content marketing work together. When we sync these efforts, something very exciting happens! While SEO efforts take time to make a difference in your digital footprint, partnering them with your marketing content activities can really turn the tide in your favor. After all, you need good and changing content to make your SEO keyword strategy work, and understanding your business' keywords and what your customers are searching for via your SEO tactics provides the best direction for your content development strategy.

Knowing that SEO and content have interdependent relationships is not enough though. You can kick your digital marketing into high gear and DRAMATICALLY improve your SEO rankings when you begin to consistently work on expanding your content on your website and social media. This content must be quality content - address keywords in your industry, serve to influence and inform your audience in some way, and build your website's presence and online reputation.

"I have some extra time to write up some new content for my digital marketing." Said NO small business owner EVER!

The challenge, of course, is that very few business owners have the time or the resources to be consistently creating new content for their websites, and pushing content out to their social media. It is tough to keep up with!

Knowing that SEO and Content go hand-in-hand, we have created a unique model to help clients meet their digital marketing goals. We created a set of Marketing Packages that address the need for content, apply SEO efforts, and support the need for social media exposure.

In doing all these SEO reports each month, I'm definitely seeing a clear trend. The clients that take advantage of our Marketing Packages are doing a lot better in SEO than the ones that do not. These clients are able to keep up on social media and blogging to enhance and improve their digital content, giving me more to work with in SEO efforts, and making their SEO improve radically. I'm consistently seeing traffic improvements to their website of OVER 50% monthly!

Noelle Castle - post author

Noelle Castle

Content Writer
Castle Media Co.

Noelle has been a marketing professional, and a published author and copywriter for over 20 years. Her work has been featured in both print publications and online media, where she has written on a broad range of topics. She owns Castle Media Co., assisting businesses with their marketing and digital media needs, specializing in website development, content marketing, social media, copywriting, and blogging.

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