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Milly Welsh

Milly Welsh

Milly Welsh is a full stack web developer, doing both front-end development and back-end programming. She has over 15 years' experience in designing and developing websites, developing apps, and doing online marketing initiatives for clients. She is an expert at driving traffic to websites utilizing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies and customized digital marketing efforts. Her company, Zebralove Web Solutions, offers full service digital marketing and website development, comprehensive SEO services, and secure web hosting services.

Milly first became interested in computer programming while a student at the School of the Art Institute in Chicago. She pursued learning about programming by taking all the Art & Technology classes offered at the college, while completing her degree in Animation. She graduated in 2004, and, while working as a graphic artist, continued to expand her skills in programming and coding. In 2006 she started her own business, Zebralove Web Solutions, because she saw a real need for an approachable website company, with a strong programming knowledge and a graphics background.

Milly enjoys helping small businesses create an effective digital presence. She is grateful for her foundation in creative arts, as she relies on her inventiveness to find solutions for complicated technology and marketing challenges that require creative problem-solving and innovation. Milly has the ability to speak "normal English" to clients about confusing digital concepts, so they can make informed decisions about their online marketing strategy.

Milly lives in Limington, Maine with her husband, Jake, and their three daughters. She enjoys making pottery through her side business, Zwellyn Pottery. She also loves to garden.

Job Titles/Hats She Wears: Owner, Full Stack Web Developer (front end and back end), Web Designer, SEO & Marketing Oracle, Server Administrator

Programming Languages: HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, MySQL

Lynne Lowell

Milly Welsh

Lynne is a Front-End Web Developer from Casco Maine. She is a programming and WordPress wiz, specializing in developing websites for a variety of industries. Lynne loves to find just the right solution to make websites more user friendly and effective for clients. Her programming abilities allow her to customize website functions when necessary, and her skills in image editing helps clients stay on top of todays image specification guidelines.

She enjoys working with other designers and developers as a team, along with individual clients. She is a highly organized and detailed-oriented person both in her personal and professional life. She prides herself on having a strong work ethic and won't stop until a job is done, and done right. Lynne graduated from New England School of Communications with a bachelors in Web Media in 2011.

Some of her hobbies include baking, scrap booking, and doing some amateur photography. She loves doing anything outdoors and enjoying all the nature this beautiful state has to offer. She is also currently volunteering with an amazing group of women who have fun and give back to our community while they're at it, the Superhero Lady Arm Wrestlers of Portland. SLAP is where Lynne and Milly met!

Job Titles/Hats She Wears: Front End Web Developer, Web Designer, WordPress Ninja

Programming Languages: HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP

Noelle Castle

Noelle Castle

Noelle has been a marketing professional, and a published author and copywriter for over 20 years. Her work has been featured in both print publications and online media, where she has written on a broad range of topics. She understands small business, and knows how to create brand messaging and quality content that engages a client's audience. Her enthusiasm for learning about different businesses, and the best way to communicate their benefits to customers makes her an invaluable resource on our team. Her ability to adapt her writing style to match the "personality" of a business makes her unique, and allows us to offer copywriting services that truly enhance all our digital marketing services. Professionally written, quality content is a game-changer in digital marketing efforts such as SEO.

Noelle owns Castle Media Co. and works in collaboration on Zebralove projects when content and copywriting is needed for websites, SEO and SEM strategies, and blogging for our clients.

She thoroughly enjoys her life by design on the coast of Southern Maine, and you will find her partaking in all that her coastal community of Old Orchard Beach has to offer. Writers are avid readers, so if she is not on the beach, she may be buried under a pile of books in her office.

Job Titles/Hats She Wears: Marketing Maven, Wordsmith, Copywriter & Holder of the Red Pen

Programming Languages: English, preferably the grammatically correct kind

Mike McKeen

Mike McKeen

Our Zebralove Web Solutions team is growing! Mike will be helping with client outreach and customer service, and providing some technical assistance to clients. He will also be working on SEO with Milly. He brings a lot of energy and enthusiasm to his work, and a wealth of experience in media marketing, and audio and video production.

Mike also owns his own business, Tiger Funk Productions, where he has worked with individuals and businesses to produce audio and voice-over production for video and other digital marketing applications. His mission at Tiger Funk Productions, and now at Zebralove, is to promote your business with original and insightful content that is affordable and catered to online marketing platforms to help grow your audience and increase your business. He believes that digital marketing and social media are very powerful marketing tools that many businesses haven't been using to their full advantage.

Mike McKeen, was born and raised in Portland, Maine. He graduated from Temple University in 2010 with a bachelor's degree in Broadcasting Telecommunications and Mass Media. When he moved back to Maine in 2011, he began his focus on video/audio production and digital content creation.

Job Titles/Hats He Wears: Client Relations, New Client Outreach, Technical Set-Up/Walkthroughs, Hosting Renewals, SEO Programming Assistance

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