Found in Kennebunk

A great place to buy Maine Made Gifts!

We love to help all companies, but we especially love to help creative businesses. It’s definitely harder to help artists and artist promoting businesses but we feel like it can have the most impact on communities!

That’s why we were really excited to get a call from Pamela at Found in Kennebunk, a local shop where you can buy Maine made gifts and products from local artisans. Truth be told, I already knew Pamela. She had purchased some of my (Milly) pottery from my side hustle Zwellyn Pottery. Another reason that I personally love helping artist businesses, is because I have one and that experience definitely comes in handy because I understand their unique challenges.

maine made gifts

Pamela decided to go with a BigCommerce website. BigCommerce is a platform that specializes in a e-commerce. It’s a good choice if the primary purpose of the website is to sell products. One thing I like about BigCommerce is that it allows developers like us to make customizations. You need to pick from one of BigCommerce’s many templates but allowing developers to modify the code allows us to make it unique to the business.

Even though we didn’t develop this website from scratch, there was a lot for us to do. Here is what we were able to assist on…

  • uploading a CSV of products so Pamela didn’t have to add in all those products manually
  • Made template customizations
  • Assisted with set-up
  • gave advise on the best shipping practices
  • Had our copy writer Noelle Castle from Castle Media develop copy for her home and about pages

Found has wonderful handmade products that make truly special, Maine made gifts for a loved one or yourself. You should definitely check out her online store…

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