Client Profile: Alexander McCann Law Offices

Alexander McCann Law Offices are located in downtown Portland, Maine. For the past 16 years, Alex has specialized¬†in employment and personal injury law with a focus on Worker’s Compensation and he is passionate about helping people who have been mistreated or injured at work.

When Alex contacted us, he was looking for a very simple website and some search engine optimization to help his business get found online. Up until that point, his business was largely word of mouth.

Alexander McCann Law Offices, Maine workers compensation

Alex was extremely easy to work with and everyone on his staff was great too! The one thing that stuck us the most was how easy it was for him to get his clients to provide glowing testimonials. Asking for testimonials is generally¬†difficult. People are busy and even though they want to help, they often won’t respond in a timely matter when asked to write a testimonial. Alex McCann did not have this problem!

In addition to using our web services, we also brought in Noelle Castle from WriteOn Solutions to write the page copy and ensure that the first impression of his business online was the best possible.

Having worked with Alex, we would all highly recommend his business to anyone struggling with Worker’s Compensation or other employment issues that require a lawyer. Check out his website for more information

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